Example Use Cases

The Verkada API is used in a variety of ways across all industries. Below are some examples that illustrate what you can do with our various API endpoints. These are just a few examples among many uses cases that can be developed using the different request methods available to Command users.

Create your very own video search engine through Helix

If you are using a 3rd party database to manage processes that are carried out throughout your location, Helix can simplify the review of these events by adding video context. By seamlessly creating your own unique set of Helix events, you can narrow down thousands of events into just a few results through the use of attribute filtering.

Integrate Verkada alerts into 3rd party systems

Verkada's APIs are a great way to integrate Command alerts into 3rd party system to aggregate your alerts and alarms from multiple systems into a unified platform. This can drastically improve the overall efficiency of day-to-day operations and reduce response time from operators that no longer need to review multiple systems.

Put thumbnails from your Verkada camera on a website

Using the Verkada API, you can add camera thumbnails into a website or 3rd party application to show cameras views to your employees or customers. Using this model, you can quickly display the current view from one of your storefronts, outdoor conditions of parks or recreation facilities, or overall state of a manufacturing factory floor.

Automatically create new Persons of Interest (POI) in Verkada Command

Adding POI profiles to Command is easy on a small scale but can take time when configuring many profiles or when importing profiles from a 3rd party database. Verkada APIs allow you to automatically add new POI profiles to Verkada Command to ensure that you get timely alerts whenever new Persons of Interest are added.

Visualize data from your Verkada sensors in a dashboard

If you would like to visualize or explore your sensor data in a 3rd party data visualization or business intelligence tool, you can periodically ingest the sensor data using the Verkada API. This allows you to overlay the Verkada sensor data with data from other sources, or perform more detailed analyses on data from one or more of your sensors.